Now this list is a bunch of books I’ve been wanting to get for a long time, but because they have for ages been out of print (and as a consequence relatively rare), I have been unable to get them until now. It is great – at last my interest in reading has been rekindled after a long absence because there are finally books I’ve found by an author that I like but haven’t read before. And the pun is not intended, I assure you…

I have decided that Kindle is the e-reader for me because it is now actually worth buying. I can only hope that over the next few months more of my good paperback library can be converted into digital format (with the addition of some newbees (or rather, not so newbees….). There are a couple not on the list which I am going to have to see if I have or not, as I am not sure. But I am looking forward to a good year of reading next year and maybe my disillusion I’ve been having with the publishing industry in recent years is now at an end. It is a shame that they aren’t physical books because I would have preferred that, but I suppose I must be happy that they are at last available for me to read!


Deadman Switch

A Coming of Age



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