A note on Challenges

After going through the books I’ve read on Goodreads, I realize that I’ve not really completed any of them. The main reason for this is because this year was far more disruptive that I thought it would be this time last year and to be honest, has been a nightmare. Loads of things have gone wrong and in fact, the only thing that seems to be better in comparison to this time last year is the fact that we got a dog, Jaffa. Of course, without going into massive details into the crappiness of this year, there were a few times when it could have turned out far worse than it has, and because it didn’t I suppose does offset the crappiness somewhat. I am hoping that next year things will be better.

But this post is really about books, I suppose, and the future of challenges. I will participate in them next year, because that pile has hardly gone down much, in-spite of the fact that I’ve not bought that many. Due to lack of interest, I probably won’t bother hosting any challenges next year (apart from maybe the Star Wars, Natural History and Science ones) Part of the reason for that is that there are really no equivalent challenges out there and I would like to be a bit more social online than I have been this year. Because of the fact that many of my old forum haunts, etc, have declined in recent years it is quite easy for me to slip into being a recluse even when I don’t intend to do that!

So which challenges am I interested in next year?

An Urban Fantasy one would be great, as I am still a reader of that genre, but I don’t want to join in with one which is purely for PR or YA because those genres don’t really interest me that much.

A normal, straight fantasy one, because I love reading fantasy.

A science fiction one, because I love sci-fi and there was one this year – hopefully it will be around next year as well.

And of course, the old, Bookish Ardour Off the Shelf Challenge if it is running. There may also be additional ones that I add to it, if they coincide with what I need to read, but I am just not at all interested in stuff like YA, Classics (at least ones where you’re told what to read) and a few others. It is all well and good but when I know I have to read a certain book or books, I then don’t want to read them and read something else instead. I am also going to be more picky in future about what I read because I’ve read a lot of duds over the past few years and we also lack the room, which I want to keep for books which I like more and want to keep reading!

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