One of the main problems with having a huge to read list is that you want to go on to reading a new series of books or authors when you have loads to read already! My problem?

Recently, we got the Sharpe TV series and now I want to read the books because they have given me a taste for them (I’d also like to read the Hornblower ones as well, since I also have the TV series to that…) But I know that I can’t really get any more books or really shouldn’t because I hardly have time to read the ones I’ve got now, without going on to something else. Another thing is that I’ve been wanting to read the Sharpe series for a long time because they caught my eye when I was younger, but I suppose with them being quite popular, there is little chance of them going out of print any time soon, and even if they did, there is still a lot of them around to get them second hand. Maybe I should make a promise to myself that if I get through a significant portion of them this year that I’ll reward myself by starting the Sharpe series? Probably a good idea…

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