About the blog:

The blog was set up as a place for me to keep track of the books I read. I do have a Goodreads account, but it is too listy. Here I can be more creative about how I display things and have the freedome to talk about things other than books (though that will remain more at my personal domain than here). This blog is also home to the following reading challenges:

  • Animal Stories Challenge
  • Fantasy Challenge
  • Urban Fantasy Challenge
  • Science Fiction Challenge
  • Historical Fiction Challenge
  • Star Wars Challenge
  • Star Trek Challenge
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel Challenge
  • Natural History Challenge
  • Popular Science Challenge
  • History Challenge

I found that there was a lack of non-fiction challenges on the web and so decided to create my own challenges to compensate for that, and also to try and encourage people to read more non-fiction. The blog was originally hosted over at Dreamwidth, but I found the lack of a website structure to be kind of messy, espeaically when people are trying to find challenges and sign up to them. I will not always post reviews of the books I read, which is dependent on how much time I have and also if I feel like it. Yeah, I know that is a bit vague, but I do have  other commitments and I do run other websites which sometimes take priority.

About Me

Well, you’ve probably already guessed from the challenges that I run what kind of books I like to read. I am also into mythology from a variety of cultures, mainly Norse/Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Native American, Mayan/Aztec and Eygptian. I am BSc Zoology graduate who is hoping to go on to an MSc, which explains why I have this thing about reading Science and Natural History books (the reason why I seperate them is because you can get non-techincal natural history books – think of all those animal and plant field guides that you can get and more recently, the publication of photograph collections and field diaries – these are natural history books, but they aren’t technical but on the other hand, you can get ones which are semi-technical, like the BBC’s Velvet Claw and David MacDonald’s Running With the Fox and technical ones such as David Mech’s The Wolf: Ecology and Behaviour of an Endangered Species, which would fit into the Popular Science Category as well!)

As well as this blog, I also run my personal website and it’s various subdomains, Dead Winter’s Night.

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