Rating System

When I get the time, I will post a short review of books that I read. There will not be a review of every book that I have read, partly because I may not have the time and partly because I feel like doing so. I have other commitments and this will sometimes clash with my maintaince of this blog. I will post a rating based on how much I enjoyed the book and a picture of the front cover. To make things fun, the rating will be made by using animated werewolf gifs…

– 1 Werewolf means that I really didn’t like it and that I’d much rather be werewolf chow than read it again. (Hopefully, this will be rare!)

– 2 Werewolves mean that although the book was readable, to some extent, there could have been major improvements made in some areas (for instance, better editing,characterisation, not enough discription, etc)

– 3 Werewolves means that the book was ok, pretty average. It had some flaws, but they were minor.

– 4 Werewolves indicated that I loved the book, though it’s not my favourite. There is a chance that I’d read it again if my backlog of books to read is low and I can’t afford to get new books or there isn’t anything due out for a while.

– 5 Werewolves means that I consider the book a classic, and that means that I definately would like to read it again.

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